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Ricky’s Road to Romance

This month's Dad's Eye View humor column... Teenage Boy Love meets Road Trip!!

Are You Hovering Too Close?

A few suggestions that you might be a "Helicopter Parent"

The 4 Love Actions

Attention, Acceptance, Appreciation & Affection

How Birth Order Affects Parenting

...Breaking down how birth order affects personality and parenting styles for each child... cause not all babies are created equal.


of Books and Movies....

The Art of the Trade-Off

Warm up for family vacation with proper pre-planning.

Mugged in My Own Bed

A humorous look at parenting... and those "misplaced" items.

The TV Set in the Attic

March "Dad's Eye View" on Life and Parenting - laugh out loud funny!

One Part New Normal And Two Parts Blended Family

This recipe does not have to make for a nutty holiday fruit cake!

Electronic Addiction, Part II - A Family Dependency

This problem has no boundaries and affects so many households today - here's some ways to help those you know who are affected.