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A Balanced Approach to Sports

How sports, nutrition, and development connect for success offered by Eugene's Jordan Kent.

Economics 101 - What Every Child Should Learn

Supplying children with a more solid understanding of finances in this current economic world should not only help them understand the concept, but may even make the lives of parents a little easier. Parents know money really does not grow on trees, magically appear, or is available in never-ending supply (at least not for the majority of the population), but children have no clue. Some of the best lessons are learned through first-hand experiences. Helping children understand the basics while applying the principles, could go a long way towards keeping them financially healthy in the future.


It happens to everyone (for some more than others)... We look around, and realize, life is TOTALLY out of balance!!  For some, its obvious when the shift happens, but for most, the shift is a subtle, quiet, and sometime even seductive change to the dance steps that we don't even notice takes place.