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03/02/2010 ● By Anonymous
It happens to everyone (for some more than others)... We look around, and realize, life is TOTALLY out of balance!!  For some, its obvious when the shift happens, but for most, the shift is a subtle, quiet, and sometime even seductive change to the dance steps that we don't even notice takes place.

Regardless of how or when it happens, balance is critical to not only our own happiness, but to the happiness of those around us.  For me, my most accurate gauge (to balance) is usually in the eyes and actions of my kids.  When I find I am feeling just a bit more frustrated than usual, slightly more uptight, more stressed... more whatever you want to call it - MY balance is  directly reflected in them.   Likewise, when they are asking more questions than usual, spending more time in close range, whining (which is out of character), or fussing at each other more... it's time for Mom to sit up and take notice.

I'm quite in tune with both my boys, and we are a close family, so noticing these changes is relatively easy for me, and I can usually take measures to get things back on track before things get too far out of hand.  But, realizing there IS an imbalance is sometimes the easiest part.  Figuring out WHAT is out of balance can be a little tougher.  Don't make it harder than it needs to be though.   Just check in with yourself - first.  What's changed recently?  How are things going at work?   Are things okay in personal relationships?   How are the finances?  Just run down a list of the obvious things and see if anything floats to the top.  If not, keep digging - sometimes it's the not so obvious things that are really poking fun at us...   How much time are you spending on your computer lately?... and is that affecting your relationship(s)?   Have you neglected some promises?   You get the idea...

After you've nailed down a potential culprit (or two), be sure to acknowledge this with yourself (and any others who might have been affected).   Then, make sure to make amends and communicate that you are working on getting things to a more balanced and happier place.

Then, take action.   "Action" will be different for everyone - but, find your inspiration, then go to it, and then, LISTEN.  Listen carefully to that voice, that message, that feeling, that person, that sign - whatever it is that speaks to you and brings you more towards center.  Stay committed to making the changes you need to make, and revisit that inspiration (or others) along the way to gain the strength and energy needed to stay on task.

Find your inspiration, and listen...   Peace.