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Vegan-N-Me Learn and Play Kits

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Founded 2015

Parents and Educators that are looking for a fun way to teach their children about the vegan lifestyle and animal rights have found an ally in a new learn and play kit that utilizes all five senses. The Founder Chrisma Forte – unique children educational products that she hopes will not only help children learn how to eat food that is guaranteed to help them live a longer live, but also train them in the subject that is often times lacking in schools today “Empathy”.

Vegan-N-Me learn and Play kits are the first of the series of kits that are set to be released in 2015, that focuses on Parent and Educator involvement. Each kit is set up for team building fun and children as young as 4 years old can enjoy the benefits of Vegan- N- Me learn and play kits. The Goal of each kit is to help the super hero’s Abby, Andy and their sidekick Larry the squirrel save the animals from the evil clutches of the kits super villains: Mr. Slim, Miss. E and Mr. Rounds.

The super Villains are bad guys based on real life animal rights issues. Each super villain focuses on one of three areas of modern- day industry in which animals suffer. Mr. Slim owns meat processing plants around the world. Miss E is a scientist that uses animals for testing and their fur. Mr. Rounds is a poacher who steals animals from their native habitats.

Vegan-N-Me Philosophy is simple! Teach through learning and feeling. Vegan-n-me learn and play kits are design to teach children about the effects of animal cruelty through the voices of the Parent or educator. As much as we would love each person that purchases a Vegan-N-Me learn and play kit to become a Vegan. We understand that is a decision that is best decided by the individual. We hope that our kits inspire you to want to show empathy for animals.