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Zero Waste McMinnville

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859 SW Sitka Dr
McMinnville, OR 97128

(304) 634-1532

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Founded 2014

I am so pleased and excited to share with you that Zero Waste McMinnville and the Linfield College Sustainability Program are sponsoring the inaugural McMinnville Recycled Arts Festival Friday and Saturday, April 26th and 27th 10-4 inside the Linfield Nicholson Library.

Artists in the Northwest are eagerly responding to this juried show where they must use at least 65% reclaimed materials in their art. Shoppers will be amazed at the metal sculpture, wood working, jewelry, wearable art, household goods to put to work and to enjoy. Prices will range from $1 to well over $1000.

Zero Waste McMinnville is a grassroots organization of community volunteers that was formed five years ago with the mission to help McMinnville become a sustainable city with less than 10% of its trash going to the landfill. The Linfield Sustainability Program is working to foster a sense of global responsibility and to educate the community as conscientious citizens in areas of environment, equality and economics. McMinnville regularly holds events where over 85% of the trash is diverted from the landfill and increased efforts to educate the public include this arts festival, where people learn that old unneeded items still have purpose. You may be interested to learn that not only did the city ban plastic shopping bags last year, but recently, because of grassroots effort, our waste hauler will start carrying our Styrofoam to Agilyz, a wonderful recycling opportunity.

We respectfully request that this event be included in a calendar of art activities in the region and hope that we can follow up with a report to you following the festival in order to indicate its level of success and future plans.

Thank you!

Beth Rankin