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Morgan Jemmali

Mathnasium of Eugene

Hello. Mathnasium is the #1 after-school math-only education program in America for kids in 1st to 12th grade, whether to get math help to catch up, or to get math enrichment to stay ahead. Mathnasium improves student performance on standards-based tests in 20 sessions or fewer, and improves student skills by an average of 2 grade-levels in the 1st year. Parents whose kids spent 6+ months at Mathnasium say: * 90-92% (depending on the Mathnasium center) said: “My child’s homework time is easier.” * 88-90% said: “My child’s math grades improved.” * 85-93% said: “My child’s attitude toward math improved.” * 82-94% said: “My child’s math skills and understanding improved.”