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May the Fourth Be With You

04/29/2024 ● By Cherie Gough
After getting a taste of the dark side in the last couple years, we're ready to make the most of every celebration (because we can)! Team up with budding Star Wars fans to create festive family fun for May 4 (Star Wars Day). Transform your home into a Star Wars galaxy with these fun ideas.

Jedi Attire 

  • Form a family alliance by dressing in Star Wars gear whether it’s pajamas, favorite t-shirts or full costumes. 
  • Ask classmates to wear Star Wars face masks or shirts to make the school day special.

Bring Outer Space to Your Place

  • Create a party atmosphere by decorating with red and blue or black and silver. Get creative and use whatever you have on hand. Supplement with Star Wars themed napkins and plates (available at party and discount stores). 
  • Make a playlist of iconic Star Wars music and turn it up full throttle to bring the galactic mood to life.
  • Place pre-built Star Wars Lego masterpieces around the house.

Mealtime Fun

  • Awaken the force with Chewbacca-shaped hash browns or maple bars for breakfast. 
  • Add a smile to the kids’ lunchboxes with a Star Wars note or riddle. Find free, downloadable notes online. 
  • Cook some “Chewie” chicken nuggets and Darth “Tater” tots for a fun, easy dinner. 
  • Check local retailers for Star Wars themed treats such as fruit snacks, crackers, popsicles, cereal and mac & cheese. 
  • Kids can help make healthy lightsaber snacks: Sith-kebabs with cherry tomatoes and red pepper chunks or a fruit version with red strawberries and green grapes. 
  • Top cupcakes with stormtrooper decorated marshmallows (use a food-safe pen to draw faces).
  • Make gingerbread or chocolate chip Wookie Cookies with the kids. 
  • Just for parents: End the evening with Cantina cocktails—Make them Imperial blue (using Curacao) or Rebel red (with grenadine). Cheers! 

Get Crafty

  • Make droids from cardboard boxes.
  • Paint rocks to look like R2-D2, Chewbacca or a Jawa, or paint/draw your favorite Star Wars phrase or symbol. Write “May the fourth be with you” on the back and place the rocks around a local park for neighbors to find.

Jedi Training Games

Backyard games are perfect for young Jedis, and keep festivities outdoors.

  • Have a galactic egg race. Adapt this popular game by decorating eggs to look like stormtroopers.
  • Bounce a balloon on the pool noodle lightsabers you made. Count how many bounces before it hits the ground.
  • Create a Jedi obstacle course with items you already have (cones, hula hoops, pool noodles, crawling tunnels, balls, ramps, trampoline, etc.).

Indoor Fun

  • Play a Star Wars version of a classic board game. 
  • Have a family video game battle playing Lego Star Wars or Battlefront.
  • Binge watch your favorite Star Wars movies or episodes of the Mandalorian TV series.