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Coffee, Tea, and Me Gifts for Mom

11/30/2023 ● By Amanda Stinnett

Brewed Bliss

Moms are the ultimate multitaskers, and what's a better companion to their busy days than a delightful cup of coffee and tea?

Vahdam Sparkle Glass Teacup

Upgrade mom’s brewing experience with this borosilicate tea maker. Its design complements the beauty of blooming teas, while the clarity of the glass allows for appreciation of the colors and nuances of different tea blends. Decorative elements and a delicate structure make it not just a teacup, but a piece of art. Moms can now enjoy their favorite teas in a vessel that reflects their playful and joyful spirit. Available at:

Whoever said you can't have fun drinking tea clearly hasn't discovered the enchanting world of

Seraphim Social Beverage. With its enticing flavors and innovative blends, this beverage has been a new way for me to experience fun-filled nights without compromising on sophistication. Say goodbye to the misconception that tea is only reserved for quiet moments – Seraphim truly turns teatime into social time.

Available at:


Embark on a global journey of teas with the Numi World of Tea Collection! This collection showcases the rich and diverse flavors from tea cultures around the world. I especially loved sharing this collection, so friends and family could join me on this tea adventure. From the misty mountains of China to the vibrant landscapes of India and beyond, each blend in this kit was like a passport to a different tea experience. Available at:

A mom’s life wouldn't be a symphony of brewed bliss if coffee weren't part of the equation.

Vashon Island Coffee Dust is a subtle yet enchanting addition to mom’s daily routine Elevate both coffee moments and baking/cooking endeavors using coffee dust that is free of additives and sugars.Top of Form My top pick is undoubtedly the gingerbread flavor; not only does it surpass the holiday flavors of chain coffee shops, but it also prevents me from splurging $5 on a single drink!

Available at:

Locks of Love

Here's to the radiant locks and the incredible women who wear them with grace!

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

For moms seeking a fresh look or gearing up for a special occasion, the answer to your style aspirations might just lie in the world of hair extensions. Navigating hair extensions may initially seem overwhelming, but Irresistible Me simplifies and adds a touch of enjoyment to the process with their diverse and user-friendly extension options. They have everything from tape-ins and wigs to clip-in extensions, available in an array of captivating colors. The clip-in extensions were a personal favorite, adding a dash of convenience and a touch of glamour to my evening look!

Available at:

Packed with natural goodness, the Rice Water Hair Spray from TerraFique is a hair care gem.

This nurturing elixir transforms everyday hair routines into luxurious self-care moments. Terrafique takes pride in crafting products with natural ingredients. The Rice Water Hair Spray is cruelty-free, making it a conscious choice for moms who appreciate quality without compromise.

Available at:

Who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep with a touch of pampered locks? Sia Sleep Mask serves as a guardian for those precious eyelash extensions and locks. Boasting shallow eye cups for lash protection and an adjustable strap made from OEKO-TEX 100 silk, this mask is a luxurious necessity that pampers both your lashes and hair throughout the night. The Sia Sleep Mask has become an essential component of my nightly routine, revolutionizing the way I sleep and enhancing the condition of my hair in a way that surpasses any other sleep mask I've ever tried.

Available at:

Juggling a hectic routine can make hair care seem like a challenge but fear not – Verb Hair Care

has a solution tailored just for busy moms. The 'Where's Ghost?' Kit, a heavenly quartet of shampoo, conditioner, oil and heat protectant, simplifies any hair care routine and ensures that every mom's locks receive the attention they deserve. As a devoted lover of Verb Hair Care, I recently experienced a revelation that has transformed my hair care routine with this collection! Available at: