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Outdoor Summer Concerts

07/05/2023 ● By Cherie Gough
Make the most of beautiful weather and longer summer days by attending free outdoor concerts in your neighborhood. Here are six reasons to make outdoor summer concerts your family’s new summertime ritual.

1. Get together with friends with little to no planning. A simple text message serves as the invitation. No one has to host. A potluck picnic is a simple way to share a no-fuss meal. Some venues may have food trucks on site for ultimate convenience.

2. Play outside with the family. Avoid being couch potatoes this summer. Most concerts are held at a park, so bring along your favorite ball or frisbee and find an open space to play. You’re sure to meet people or bump into neighbors. Visit the playground if your kids need to climb. Some venues even offer games and bounce houses to keep children happy and active at the event. While the music is playing, it’s natural to get up and dance as a family.

3. Neighborhood concerts build community. People of all ages gather together, reminiscent of the piazzas in Italy where time slows, conversations flow and people share food and smiles. In our super busy, over-scheduled lives, it’s important to “schedule” some down time. It’s good for the kids to see grandparents dancing together and enjoying life—and for older folks to see young families playing together in a positive way.

4. Share your love of music with your kids. Summer concerts offer a wide variety of musical genres, everything from 80s rock and bluegrass, to country and Big Band. Sharing music with your kids allows you to tell stories and share a piece of your youth with them. It also offers an opportunity to watch live musicians, point out different instruments and sounds, or just boogie down and be silly together.

5. Enjoy the beauty of nature together. When was the last time you ran around outside, observed clouds, watched the sunset or enjoyed a dinner picnic as a family?

6. All the outdoor summer concerts are totally free! So, what are you waiting for?

Cherie Gough is a freelance writer who loves taking advantage of everyday, simple pleasures with her family.