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Graduation Is Just Around The Corner...

04/05/2023 ● By Natine Westwood
Whether it marks the completion of high school or university, graduation is an important landmark in anyone’s life - and a joyous event that should be celebrated with all of your friends and family!

But when it comes down to planning a memorable graduation party, a lot of thought needs to be given to how you’ll announce the details of the event to your loved ones. And, one of the best ways to do so is with a custom announcement!

In this guide, you’ll find an easy-to-follow checklist to design and send out one-of-a-kind graduation party invites!

Choose a Theme!

The first to plan a sweet graduation celebration is to choose a theme! For example, you could throw a fancy dress party inspired by your field of study, or you could opt for a weekend abroad with your loved ones. 

Whatever your dream graduation party is, make sure to stick to a theme and use the same colors, patterns, and shapes for your custom announcements.

Select a Meaningful Photo

No, adding a photo isn’t mandatory - but it’s a wonderful way to transform a bland invitation into a memorable keepsake for your friends and loved ones. If you are unsure about the type of photo to add to the cover of your invites, look for a portrait or candid shot. 

Alternatively, you could engage a professional photographer to take a few snaps of you in your graduation gown!

Add a Personal Touch With Handwriting

If you are looking to make your custom announcements extra special, opt to write the details of your party by hand! Writing handwritten notes can have many benefits, including making a letter more personal, adding a unique touch to an invitation, and highlighting the importance of your relationship with your guests. 

Use a Custom Template

Looking for a truly special custom announcement? Custom invites such as Mixbook's graduation invitation templates allow you to leverage professionally-designed invites and tailor them to your needs by adding your details, colors, and photos. Just make sure to choose a template that matches the theme of your graduation party!

Go Digital

For those graduates who are planning to have a large party, hold a digital event, or invite loved ones who live far away or abroad, a digital invite might be the best option. These are more affordable, customizable, and easy to send to anyone, regardless of geographical barriers.

And, of course, they lend themselves well to more efficient digital RSVPs - so, you can start planning the party straight away!

Save One for Yourself!

Once your announcements are made and sent out, don’t forget to keep one for yourself. You might not think much of it right now, but a tailored invitation can become a precious heirloom for yourself and your loved ones!