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8 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Workplace

08/30/2022 ● By Family Features
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From wagging tails popping into virtual work calls to cuddle breaks between tasks, many pet parents have gotten used to the joys of working at home with their furry best friends.

As businesses welcome employees back to their offices, the demand for pets and their pet parents to be together at work grows. In fact, according to a survey from the CESAR® brand, pet parents believe dogs at work can boost happiness (58%) and relieve anxiety or stress (57%). Additionally, more than half of dog owners feel bringing their dogs to work would encourage them to take breaks (55%) and foster more social interaction in the workplace (52%).

To help make this togetherness a reality, CESAR Canine Cuisine introduced its CESAR® HIRE MY DOG™ program to inspire pet parents to advocate for pet-friendly workplaces. Leveraging the expertise of Mars Petcare’s BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program and its PETS WORK AT WORK™ toolkit, the program provides pet parents and employers with resources to guide offices in going pet-friendly.

The brand also partnered with organizational duo Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit – and their pups Indie, Emmett and Mabel – to share tips to organize pet-friendly workplaces in functional and stylized ways.

Consider these tips to help make your workplace pet-friendly, and find more information at

Photo courtesy of Hall + Merrick Photographers

Leash Attachments
To ensure pet parents can comfortably and responsibly enjoy time with their dogs at the office, leash hooks should be added to desks and collaborative spaces where pets might visit. This allows pet parents to work handsfree while knowing their furry companions are safe by their sides. Offices should also consider a color-coded leash system where green leashes, for example, can indicate dogs are friendly and ready to play while yellow leashes can mean dogs are shy and their pet parent should be consulted before approaching.

Photo courtesy of John Shearer

Organized Essentials
Shearer and Teplin recommend organizing single-serve meals for office dogs by flavor and color in clear bins so pet parents can easily grab what they need. For dry dog food and treats, clear containers can make it easy to spot when supply is running low.

Photo courtesy of John Shearer

Dog Zone
Shearer and Teplin suggest designating a dog zone in a common area for toys, potty supplies, brushes and more. Store each category of items in baskets with labels so employees can clearly find what they are looking for.

Photo courtesy of John Shearer

Cleaning Supplies
Keep offices with pups neat and tidy by keeping a cleanup caddy under the sink with items such as carpet cleaners, disinfecting sprays and paper towels to quickly clean up any messes. Just make sure cleaning supplies are not accessible to pets.

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Water Bowls
Station water bowls by desks, in conference rooms and anywhere pups might visit to help make sure they stay hydrated.

Photos courtesy of Adobe Stock

Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock

Dog Beds
Give four-legged friends a comfortable place to rest, have a quick treat or play with their toys by having dog beds wherever pet parents are working. Having a spot to call their own can help dogs relax and adapt to the office environment.

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Durable Furniture and Floors
Durable fabrics and floor types allow for easy-to-clean spaces in case of accidents. Pet parents can worry less about potential messes, knowing surfaces can be wiped clean and sanitized.

Photo courtesy of Hall + Merrick Photographers

Outdoor Spaces
Have designated outdoor space for office pets to do their “business.” To ensure quick cleanup and help keep the area tidy for others, include waste stations with plastic bags. The outdoor space can also be a place for dogs to make friends and give pet parents a break to socialize with colleagues.


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