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The All-Day Dad

06/08/2022 ● By Kelli Matthews
Father's Day gives us an excuse to spoil the dads in our lives all day. So this year's gift guide takes us from morning to night with gift ideas for every stop along the day. 

Start the Day Right


Help Dad start the day with old-fashioned products that are good for his skin. The ManBasics wet shaving products like the straight razor and safety razors have a single blade that's actually gentler on the face. The shaving soap and badger hair brush creates an experience Dad can look forward to. Add the hand-crafted beer soap while you're at it. No, it does not smell like beer; it just smells good. Shop at: 


Broken Top's Geotanical Collection smells fantastic. We tried the solid cologne, body spray and candle -- all hand-crafted, sustainable and eco-conscious. And my teen son liked them as much as his Dad. Broken Top utilizes only natural and organic materials, so you smell good and feel good. Definitely a win-win. Available at:, Amazon + Retailers Nationwide

Off and Running

Now that Dad is smelling good and feeling good, he can head out for the day looking good.

Public Rec Joggers 

Thanks to lots of work-from-home days the last couple of years, athleisure that can pass for business casual is a must for every Dad's closet. We tried the All Day Every Day Pant from Public Rec and wow! Comfortable and stylish. Our Dad reviewer has them in regular rotation, and yes, we're ordering more. The difference is in the sizing – rather than a generic small, medium, or large option, Public Rec styles are designed by waist and inseam, so they fit and look good. Available at:

Abaco Sunglasses 

Abaco sunglasses make an excellent Dad gift with over 40 unique frames and 225 different styles. The styles are affordable, and all of them have a lifetime warranty. Whether you're looking for blue light glasses, floating sunglasses, or anything in between, Abaco is your go-to. 

Available at: Use code JLOFM for 20% off. 


Every Dad needs a great backpack, and GOT BAG is a great backpack. GOT BAG's US headquarters are right here in Oregon. Every bag is sustainable, durable & waterproof and recycles up to 9.9 lbs of Ocean Impact Plastic. The Rolltop Backpack is roomy and comfortable to carry with a laptop sleeve for your computer or other devices. Available at: 

Take a Break

Dad, of course, needs some afternoon or after-work downtime – maybe a quick round of putting or an at-home workout. 

Keap Athletics 

Keap Athletics was launched by a Eugene, Ore. native who needed shorts with pockets for pick-up basketball games. Keap makes activewear shorts with pockets specifically designed to secure wallets, keys, and phones. And they do! The clever design doesn't add bulk but gives some peace of mind that your stuff isn't going to fall out when you workout, run errands or just go about your day. Photo credit: Edwin Benavides

Available at: 

Waboba Wingman Hitman

Ready to take a break with a little backyard, beachside or even indoor fun? The Wingman Hitman is like disc golf but more portable! It's super lightweight, packs small, and has four Wingman silicon disks and a carry bag. At a recent family get-together, everyone from my 4-year-old nephew to my 75-year-old Dad got in on the fun. 

Available at:


Nothing says "afternoon break" like a little golf. These USA-made indoor putting greens are perfect for golfers of all skill levels. Plus, they're portable and easy to roll up for easy storage and transport. The surface stays smooth, and the simple design has sand trap cutouts to catch missed shots. It's available in five different sizes and can be personalized. More information: and available on Amazon


With dads and their busy schedules, it can sometimes be tricky to find time for the gym. The TRX HOME2 System lets you move the gym wherever you are. All you need is somewhere to hook the straps, and you have a full gym experience powered by your bodyweight for people of all levels and goals. The HOME2 System is a perfect dad's day gift for those busy guys who love fitness. Use code OREGONMAGTTC to get the TRX Training Club free for 6 months. Available at:

Dinner & Drinks 

The end of the day calls for delicious food and yummy cocktails. We have the perfect gift ideas for Dad. 

Wildwood Grilling

Summer grilling calls new accessories. Wildwood Grilling's Hamburger Grilling Gift Set includes everything for the perfect burger -- a smoker box, smoking chips, spices, grilling planks, patty press, grill scraper and more (all for less than $50). Delicious spices and rubs are just the beginning of this set. We loved that every grilling plank is cut from pieces of lumber that are too short to be used in the construction industry. Each is made in the USA with no pesticides, herbicides or foreign matter. 

Available nationwide at Whole Foods Market, Amazon and


We really love new ideas in our house, and the Basquettes The Everything Basket is simple and brilliant. If you grill veggies or seafood, you probably have a basket to help ensure stuff doesn't fall through. Basquettes does that, but includes two nesting baskets that can be stacked, flipped, and will cook multiple levels of different foods simultaneously. It can also be used in the oven as a smoker, dehydrator, air fryer, roaster or crisper. What?! If your Dad is a foodie, this is an excellent addition to the kitchen. Kind of amazing. 

Available at: 

Wild Idea Buffalo

But what shall we grill, you ask? Wild Idea Buffalo has some (delicious) options. Wild Idea Buffalo Company, based in South Dakota, has a large landscape-grazing model where bison graze 365 days a year on the prairie. The animals are grass-fed/grass-finished, antibiotic & hormone-free, herbicide and pesticide-free, no GMO, and all humanely field-harvested. 

We tried the ground bison (burgers), bratwurst, and steaks. Bison is leaner than beef, and bison's flavor has a slightly sweet undertone. Think of the best burger you've ever had, and you're in the right ballpark.  

Available at 

Kyvan BBQ sauce

We trust southern BBQ sauces just a little bit more. And now that we've tried Kyvan's sauces, we can say that those created by Mississippi-born, former NFL Star Reggie Kelly definitely top our favorites list. The Sweet Potato BBQ Sauce and Cherry Apple BBQ Sauce are outstanding – both are mild and full-flavored (and we highly recommend on the Wild Idea Buffalo Company burgers). 

Available at: 

Cocktail Mixes 

First of all, before you mix a cocktail, grab some Crater Lake Spirits gin, vodka and whisky. Now, combine Mixly's mixers or a Cocktail 2 Go kit for an easy cocktail.

Mixly Cocktail Company mixers have premium, and surprising, combinations that make your cocktail feel particularly special. Our Dad reviewer's favorite was the Pear Honey Vanilla Lime with Crater Lake's Prohibition Gin. I like vodka mixed with the Strawberry Pomegranate. You can find them at: or at Restyle Corvallis.

Cocktails 2 Go goes a more traditional route to help you make cocktail classics in a small package. The Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit includes the ingredients to craft a perfect Old Fashioned Cocktail - aromatic bitters, sugar cubes, bamboo spoon, and instructions for making the drink as it has been made since the late 1800s-- in a vintage-styled, travel-sized tin. Just add whiskey. Available at:   

Good Night

Ah, time to hit the hay. If Dad loves to sleep (and let's be honest, who doesn't), these options will make nighttime a little more blissful. 

HercLéon Sheets 

The world's first biology-based bedsheets sound a little weird, but these are the best sheets we've ever had, and our Dad reviewer is absolutely sold. I don't know how it works, but technology includes bamboo fibers that make them as smooth as silk, cool to the touch and more sustainable than cotton. Here's the biology part - men tend to sweat more in bed and have more hair, so their sheets' breathability is essential. The fibers in the sheets also neutralize odors. The sheets also have dead-simple washing instructions. More information:

SoleraSleep's Hemp Hull Pillow

Suppose Dad is a side-sleeper (like 70% of the population). In that case, this sustainably made pillow is made with organic hemp hulls, which mold your body's shape. The pillow is substantial, which the side sleeper in our house loves. Unlike memory foam, the all-natural filling has better airflow, so you stay cool. This pillow, plus the HercLéon Sheets, is a dream (literally). 

Fairbault Mill Monhegan Cotton Throw

Finally, a well-made throw blanket can't be beaten whether sleeping or napping. This throw from Fairbault Mill is a beautifully classic style with a large-scale herringbone pattern. The hand-twisted and knotted rope fringe frames the throw perfectly and gives it a crafted feel. It's cozy, classic and a beautiful gift for Dad's naps.

Available at: Use code OREGONFAMILY15 for 15% off.