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6 Creative Ways to Celebrate Dad

06/01/2022 ● By Rebecca Hastings
Every dad needs reminders of how much he is loved and valued. While you don’t want to forgo the handmade cards and the offbeat kid ideas, these 10 ways to celebrate dad are sure to remind him of how much you care and give everyone some fun along the way.

1. Scavenger Hunt: This works for kids of all ages, plus it can be as involved as you want it to be. Come up with fun clues like “As a dad I could not ask for better, your next clue is where you find a letter,” to lead dad around the house to find a Father’s Day prize. You can make up your own clues or download a set from ETSY. You’re sure to get lots of giggles from kids every step of the way.
To make this work with older kids, you can even take the hunt beyond the house to go to places around town. Give him a clue when he arrives at each location, eventually ending up at a favorite restaurant or event like a baseball game or concert.

2. Finish a Project: Every dad we know has some project they started that they never got around to finishing because dad life is busy. Work together to help him finish a project. Whether it’s finally building the shelves he needs or planting the garden he dreams of, working together will make the project even sweeter.

3. Challenge: This can be as crazy as you want it to be. Think outdoor races or a bake-off. Maybe a game of basketball or chess. Discover a fun challenge you can do for some friendly competition and time together.

4. Serve Him: This is not giving him a coupon for help in the yard or washing his car. This is about actually doing it. Surprise dad and wash the car inside and out. Pack his lunch for the next day. Take care of a job he always does so he can put his feet up and relax. Bonus points if you bring him some lemonade and cookies!

5. Discover a New Place: It’s easy for parents to get so caught up in the day-to-day that they run out of time for exploring new places. Give dad the gift of exploration.
You can go old school and road trip with no plan in mind, but it’s usually better to have a few ideas up your sleeve. Websites like Only in Your State can help you find everything from wacky restaurants, hikes you never knew about, abandoned places, and even road trip trails to take you on an adventure to the state’s best ice cream spots, breweries, and more.

6. Favorite Foods: From sunup to sundown, fill the day with dad’s favorite foods. Does he love a Caffè Americano and donuts? Maybe a protein shake from that place across town? How about burgers and fries? Add a milkshake? You got it!

Whatever it is, the day isn’t about what the kids like (sorry kids!) It’s a chance for dad to eat the things he loves and enjoy every bite. He doesn’t even have to share!

And the best part? The time you’ll have together!