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Spring Has Sprung… AHH CHOOO!

04/02/2021 ● By Lisa Bruckner
Spring is here in the Willamette Valley, which means….it's also Allergy Season!

Warmer days (and nights) means your home no longer requires as much heating, and will most likely need some cooling to help sleep comfortably at night in the months ahead. However, when the windows are opened for cooler, fresh air - eyes start to water, throats start to burn, coughing beings, and wheezing can occur… all thanks to pollen from the outside, coming in. And in early spring, you don't always feel these symptoms right away; they can, and often do, build up over time. You might wake up with a stuffy nose, cough, or sore throat after breathing allergens all day and night. Allergy symptoms can be worrisome too because many resemble Covid-19 symptoms.

But help is on the way! Did you know a heating and cooling system helps filter the air you breathe and can – if regularly maintained (checked, cleaned, and tuned) help improve indoor air quality during allergy season? Running a dirty system, especially with a dirty filter, not only lowers the quality of air you breath, but also forces the system to work harder and less efficient. Working harder (imagine trying to breathe through a pillow) adds stress to the system, which can lead to component or system failure – usually when you need it most.

Regular maintenance includes Spring preventative maintenance with a professional HVAC Technician to get your system checked, cleaned, and tuned for optimal use and efficiency. For people with allergies, asthma, or air quality concerns, having air ducts cleaned adds extra benefits. For a deeper dive, and whole-home air purification system can bring even more relief. Many air purification systems can be installed right into your existing furnace, ductwork, or ductless system and help improve the entire home’s indoor air quality. These systems reduce dust, capture and/or neutralize allergens, pollutants, bacteria, and viruses - including Covid-19!

Air duct cleaning is a great way to remove dust, dirt, and grime that has built up (particularly after wildfires) and not only helps improve indoor air quality, but also improves the efficiency of your heating/cooling system responsible for receiving and pushing air. If the technician you hire utilizes a remote control camera, they can also visually inspect accessible air ducts and check for damage, rodents, or mildew situations. Many also offer to sanitize ducts with a sanitizing agent.

Springtime is when many air conditioning and heat pump manufacturers and dealers offer incentives, rebates, and special financing. If your home doesn’t have A/C, and you suffer from allergies, now would be a great time to add it or upgrade an old system to a high-efficiency heat pump that offers both heating and cooling. One of the top prescribed remedies from Allergy Doctors is to run the A/C in your home and car to help filter out allergens from the air you breathe.

This information and recommendations are contributed by Marshalls Heating, Air Conditioning, Insulation and Fireplaces in Eugene, Oregon.