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Happy Homeworking

11/03/2019 ● By Sandy Kauten
Kids and parents alike may groan and roll their eyes at the mention of “homework,” but there are real benefits associated with classwork completed at home. Homework can reinforce concepts learned at school and allow kids to delve more deeply into those subjects. Working independently on schoolwork can also teach children time management, responsibility and organization and can boost self-esteem.

To best support your children in doing their homework, try these tips:

1.      Help them learn time management by establishing a set time each day to complete homework. Waiting until late in the evening when your child is tired is not a good idea. When undertaking a big project, show your child how to break it into manageable parts, and encourage them to use weekends to get ahead of the work.

2.      Provide the necessary tools and materials needed to complete their projects.

3.      Limit distractions. Encourage children to work in a quiet, phone and TV-free area.

4.      Mentor but avoid doing your child’s work. Be available for guidance and help your child problem-solve, but don’t jump in and take over. Encourage your child to talk with a teacher or classmate if they need additional information.

5.      Take breaks when needed. If you see your child getting frustrated, suggest that they move on to a different assignment or take a short break.

6.      Be positive. The attitude you model toward homework will be the same attitude your child acquires, so be upbeat and optimistic.

Encourage kids to be diligent and dedicated when it comes to homework and always praise your child’s effort rather than the outcome. A child who learns to be resourceful and complete their schoolwork on time is more likely to become an adult who thrives at work and in life. For more ideas on handling school time parenting challenges, talk with your child's teachers and with your pediatrician. 

By Pilar Bradshaw, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Eugene Pediatric Associates