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Oregon Family Magazine

Letter from the Editor: "Change"

01/01/2016 23:21 ● By Sandy Kauten
As I sat down to write this, I took a moment to reflect on the subject of “change”  - only to realize how prevalent it actually is in our daily lives…  Should I cut the cable cord?  Move to the cloud?  Front-loader?  Top-loader?  Plasma?  LED?  Gluten free or vegan?  All of these decisions require change in some way.

Depending on your tenure as an Oregon Family reader, you may have been witness to one or more of OUR changes over the past 21 years of service. If not, get comfortable, because you are about to!  This month we launch our biggest, boldest, and grandest change of all - a completely redesigned, retooled, and newly fashioned Oregon Family Magazine!  Without delving into all the nuts-and-bolts of this long anticipated endeavor, suffice it to say – there were MANY elements of change we carefully and conscientiously considered along the way; some of which are still in motion!  I sincerely hope you enjoy the new look and design as you pass through the pages ahead.  This “growing up” (as I like to call it) of Oregon Family Magazine will hopefully change your reading experience going forward;  and will most definitely add value for our loyal advertisers.

There is an element of risk associated with change, and it goes without saying that not all change ends well - sometimes outcomes are not positive, planned, or as intended.  But, one of the many mantras I (strategically) share with my kids is - Embrace Change.  Change is scary! And not always easy! In fact, most people resist change – because it takes them outside their comfort zone.  But, when carefully and mindfully executed (and managed) change can be a very good thing. It enables growth… tests boundaries… creates opportunity… and sometimes, if you’re really lucky, can even be life-changing. 

Take a chance – embrace it!

Sandy Kauten
Owner/Publisher, Oregon Family Magazine