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01/01/2016 23:13 ● By Sandy Kauten

When Winter Weather Hits  

Our lawns may be green year-round, unlike other parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean we are immune to wintry weather. Occasional snow or freezing rain can wreak havoc on our roads in the Eugene–Springfield area.

Here’s what you need to know about how your child’s school is affected by the weather.

Snow days and other changes

When wintry weather is in the forecast, school districts send out teams in the very early morning to check the road conditions. A district may decide for student safety to close schools, open later than usual, or run buses on snow routes.

How to find out

When a decision is made to change the school schedule or bus routes due to weather conditions, the school district announces it to the media, on the district website and across other communication channels. Check your school district’s website, Facebook or Twitter feeds, or local news media for announcements. Getting the news directly from the district is the most accurate method.

When to find out

School districts in Eugene–Springfield work to decide and announce any changes due to weather before 6:30 a.m.—before school buses get on the road. Decisions are made districtwide and are the same for every school.

Sign up for alerts

Eugene 4J families can sign up to receive text-message alerts by texting FOLLOW 4JWEATHER to 40404. Springfield and Bethel families can sign up to receive email alerts through the FlashAlert network ( or A FlashAlert phone app also is available.

No news = no change

If there is no change in the usual routine, there will be no message. If you check the district website and news media and haven’t seen an alert by 7 a.m., you’ll know that it’s a regular school day.

Be safe!

Road conditions can vary a lot across a district. When schools are open on wintry days, parents are encouraged to consider the conditions in their own area and make their own decision about school attendance based on safety.

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Choosing Your School

Every parent wants the best possible school experience for their child. For most families, the best fit is their neighborhood school.

Wherever you live in the Eugene–Springfield area, your home is within the attendance boundary of a neighborhood elementary, middle and high school. Most students attend their neighborhood school, and there are many advantages to doing so. Families can enroll in their neighborhood school at any time.

Eugene–Springfield families also may choose to request enrollment in a different school or district if it is a better fit. Whichever public school you enroll in, the school will strive to provide the best quality educational experience for your child.

Transfers within your school district 

Families in the Eugene 4J, Bethel and Springfield school districts may request to transfer to any school if there is space available and the school can meet the student's learning needs.

Transfers to a different school district 

Oregon school districts have the option of opening their doors to students from any district, regardless of traditional district boundaries. In all of Lane County’s 16 school districts, students may request a transfer to the district of their choice if there is room in the accepting district.

When to apply for next school year, 2016–17

District             Transfers within the district      Transfers to the district

Eugene 4J             Jan. 5–Feb. 29                      March 1–April 1

Springfield                Jan. 4–31                           March 1–April 1 

Bethel                       by April 1                              by April 1

After the priority application period has passed, all three districts may accept some requests using a different process.

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