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Brit Floyd Rocks Eugene

08/11/2015 ● By Sandy Kauten
I had the privilege of taking my two sons and brother to see Brit Floyd here in Eugene last week, and need to say - this is one of the BEST tribute shows I have ever experienced!  My brother and I grew up listening to Pink Floyd, consequently familiar with their music; but what was especially cool and fun to see was the reaction of my two sons, ages 10 and 15, who being from today's generation are less familiar with the band. This did not matter at all in their enjoyment - as they were captivated from the opening song!!!...and for the entire rest of the show.... which went on for an amazing 3 hours!  Brit Floyd did NOT hold anything back!

I personally saw Brit Floyd two years ago, and was amazed then... but when I heard they were returning to Eugene, I knew we had to go again. This is a show my brother NEEDED to experience...!  You see, my brother is a seasoned musician (35+ years), and with his musical background, obviously sees and hears things on a different level than most. During the intermission he was absolutely thrilled - and said to me "this band is spot on!"  He was especially impressed by lead singer/guitarist, Damian Darlington - but also had a lot to say about the lead female vocalist, Ola Bienkowska.  He said "her voice is amazing!"  The level of their talent cannot be minimized... and this show was even better than what I remembered.  It never slowed down - not for a minute - from one song to the next, you found yourself excited and signing along. 

The stage production was phenomenal... again, looking at my sons who likely do not follow the political messages of many of Pink Floyds music - were enthralled by the stage production.  "The light shows were crazy cool!" said my 15 year old... and my youngest thought the "pig" was the best. (spoiler alert).

If you have a chance to see Brit Floyd, DO NOT MISS IT!  You won't just enjoy it - - you WILL BE AMAZED!  And, take the kids!!  If they have musical exposure enough to appreciate what Brit Floyd has to offer, this will be a memorable event for them.  Heck, even if they don't - the stage production, lights, and music will keep them on the edge of their seats.  Or, maybe even blown-back!  It leaves a lasting impression, trust me.  Thank you Brit Floyd!!  Rock on!!
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