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Being Special Means Talent & Teamwork

07/02/2014 ● By Sandy Kauten

Warner Brothers Pictures, Rated: PG

Released on Home Video June 17, 2014

Once you hear the catchy theme song, “Everything is awesome; Everything is cool when you’re part of a team; Everything is awesome,” you’ll be humming the tune long after the closing credits for The Lego Movie.  And awesome is the perfect word for this feature film that pushes animated adventure and computer generated imagery to the next level of sophistication through stunning colors, intricate attention to detail, and super-fast action sequences.  Those ordinary Lego mini-figures become wise-cracking daredevils in a whirlwind of non-stop energy.

When Emmett Brickowski, an everyday construction worker, stumbles on a mysterious relic, he sets in motion a chain of events that could either bring down the vicious tyrant, Lord Business, or end up destroying his happy Lego world.  By fateful accident, Emmett meets Wyldstyle, aka Lucy, who becomes his savior and mentor on the path to free the imprisoned master builders and defeat Lord Business.  With help from the wise Vitruvius, Emmett and Lucy assault the Think Tank where the master builders are being held and where Lord Business guards his super weapon, The Kragle.  In the fierce battle, Emmett sacrifices himself for his friends and discovers the visionary live-action world that controls the animated Lego world.  Thinking that Emmett is gone forever, Lucy pulls together both the master builders and the common Legos to launch a counter attack against The Kragle.  Luckily, Emmett returns just in time to waylay Lord Business and save the Lego world. 

The fun of The Lego Movie lies in its eccentric characters and the snappy dialogue referencing everything from Greek mythology to the Wild West, from rainbow unicorns to Star Wars.  The jokes are fast and furious, and the pointed humor appeals to both kids and adults.  Be sure to stay for the Lego credits and there’s no doubt you’ll leave singing, “Everything is awesome!”

By Bonnie Harris