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Get Your Home Organized for a Successful School Year

08/25/2013 ● By Sandy Kauten
When your carefree summer comes to an end, getting the family ready to go back to school can seem a little daunting. Establishing a routine will help students kick off the new school year and reduce stress for the whole family. 

“Going back to school is a pivotal time for children and families across the country,” says Wendy Froehlich, Vice President of Marketing for, one of the nation’s top online real estate listing and lifestyle resources. “Get your home and life organized now to ensure the transition is smooth and the school year is the best yet.”

With that in mind, is offering tips to help beat the back to school blues and ensure an A+ performance year-round.

• Eliminate clutter: Designate a specific location to store school papers and materials. This will keep homework and projects from getting lost or in the way. Label individual baskets for each child.

• Create a family calendar: A family calendar displayed in a central location will keep everyone organized and in the know. Include important project reminders, after school activities and test dates. Get the kids involved by having them write in their own activities. Review the calendar together to keep everyone on track.

• Make lunch a breeze:  Pre-pack food for the week and store it in easy-to-see containers, so little helpers can lend a hand.  Hang an over-the-door shoe organizer in the pantry and fill it with lunch supplies like sandwich bags, napkins and snacks that children can access when packing their lunches.

• Create perfect study spaces: Creating a dedicated study space is an ideal way to help a student focus and stay on top of their schoolwork. And several studies show that by learning children’s study habits and tailoring spaces to reflect how each child best learns, you can help kids achieve their maximum potential. For example, some students need to work in a central location so they can get quick help, while others might need a more private, quiet space.

• Eye-catching Inspiration: Hanging a bulletin board in the study area creates a place for important reminders at eye level.  Cover bulletin boards in bright fabric to bring color to the space and spark brilliance and imagination. Or paint an area above the desk with chalkboard paint so children can write with chalk on the wall to stay on top of projects or work through math problems.

For more organization tips, study space inspiration and DIY ideas, visit the Idea Gallery at

A little prep can go a long way in ensuring your family’s transition back to school is well organized and stress-free.