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Movie Time Review - The Croods

06/15/2013 22:28 ● By Sandy Kauten

Eep and Guy discover the magic of fire.

Dreamworks / 20th Century Fox, Rated: PG - - Now in theaters

Dreamworks Animation now partners with 20th Century Fox and their first collaborative effort is The Croods, a fun-filled, action adventure about a prehistoric family learning to change.  Featuring the voices of Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, and Ryan Reynolds, this film is still in theatres and well worth the price of admission for younger viewers. 

In an environment of dangerous animals and unpredictable disasters, the caveman’s motto is:  Always be afraid!  Eep (sounds like eek!) lives with her family in a gloomy, dark cave, but she longs for sunlight and the freedom to investigate the world.  Her parents, Grug and Ugga, warn her that curiosity can only lead to trouble.  Eep’s family never takes risks, they never try anything new, and they never, ever venture far from the cave. 

But late one night, a strange flickering glow entices Eep out of the cave and into the company of Guy, a young traveler with new ideas, new tools, and the coolest invention of all:  fire!  Guy asks Eep to leave with him because he believes the world is ending, but Eep chooses to stay with her family.  Suddenly, Guy’s prediction comes true and a terrible earthquake destroys the cave forcing the Croods out into the world.  Their search for a new home involves traveling through bizarre landscapes, coping with mysterious animals, and making room for Guy.  Each of the Croods experiences a different challenge on their journey, but they soon realize that old fears and limitations must be left behind.  Even Eep’s father, Grug, learns to invent solutions to keep the family united.  Guy’s motto, Follow the light, becomes the Crood’s motto as they evolve into a family ready for the future.