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Images CAN Be Your Reality

01/06/2011 12:34 ● By Anonymous
Imagine seeing a picture daily and then seeing that picture become your life. This is possible with a Dream/Vision Board. I have been using a Dream Board since I was 15 and have experienced the power of it in my life. I understand that goal setting can be difficult for some, along with accomplishing New Year’s Resolutions. Yet a Dream Board is fun, easy, and creative. While I encourage everyone to set goals, and map out how to reach their dreams, a Dream Board is an asset and another venue to achieve goals and resolutions.

Who should have a Dream Board?

Everyone! At any age and stage of life, having a Dream Board is wonderful. Let me stress, you are never too young or too old to start. You can create a Dream Board for personal and or professional use. What is a Dream Board? It is a picture collage of what you want your future life to be; your passions, the things you want, and images of what you want to become and achieve. Personally, I like to add quotes or verses that speak to me along with affirmations as well.

How do I create a Dream Board?

Start by cutting out pictures and images of what makes you happy and gives you passion from magazines or print them off the internet. These things can be cars, animals, kids, job images, homes, vacations, and even the amount of income you desire. This is meant to be fun so relax and enjoy.

What do I do with my images?

Glue or tack them anywhere, preferably where you can see your images daily. If you need privacy, a journal or notebook will work, but make sure you set time aside to view your images often. I use a corkboard; it is in my office and always hangs near my desk. I see it every time I enter the room, whether I am consciously looking at it or not, my unconscious is and it is sending energy to my desires, which is an important part to accomplishing them.

Be patient and positive! If you really think you want something but do not see it in your life, you might unconsciously be sending energy that says you do not deserve it or some other negative emotion. You need to get clear on your emotions in order to accept the good things in life you desire. Once you post something you can always change your mind, but be patient and don’t change your mind because you think it doesn’t work. It is imperative to keep your thoughts positive and your desires in focus.

It worked, now what?

When the things you posted come true, keep the images. I encourage you to take the picture down, date it and file it away, it is always nice to review them when you’re in doubt or when you want to reach a heighten state of thankfulness. Replace the image with another desire/dream.

There is no end to your blessings, there is no end to your abilities, and there is no end to the good things coming your way. A Dream Board helps you focus your desires and grasp the goodness waiting for you. Have fun, and be creative and may your dreams come true!

Written By: BettyJean Schuster, Certified Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Wife and Mother. Available for Individual or Business Coaching | 541.280.1596 | [email protected]