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Oregon Family Takes Off!

02/06/2010 ● By Anonymous
Okay, this time it's For Real folks! Oregon Family is taking our community connection and commitment to quality to a whole new level with the launch of our New and Improved, Bigger and Oh So Much Better, interactive and dynamic website!  And, we're doing it just for YOU!!  (ok, maybe a little for me - cause I need an outlet too....)

I am SOOOO excited about this launch and can't wait to start connecting with readers, followers, fans, parents and partners Lane County. Our new site is (now) dynamic - so you'll find current events, updated recipes, classes and workshops, new games for the kids, current articles, and much more. Check back often to see what's new at ! You'll like what you see!

Have something to say?... leave a comment!  Let's get the conversation going!   But, the fun doesn't stop there!  You'll also find us on Facebook and Twitter (too)... Get connected and stay current - heck, we'll even give you latest weather!

And - THANKS and credit due to "The Best" - Kelli Matthews, Verve Northwest!  She made this all possible...