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About Oregon Family

12/20/2009 23:35 ● By Anonymous
Serving Eugene, Springfield, and the greater Lane County area since 1994, Oregon Family Newspaper provides family-focused editorial relevant to both parents and children.

If you’re looking for summer camps, we have you covered! Interested in classes for yourself or kids? Got it! Wanting to research private schools in our area? We can help!

Oregon Family reaches more than 25,500 families every month. Its distribution through Eugene 4j, Springfield, and Bethel elementary and middle schools, plus most private and charter schools. Oregon Family is also distributed at over 430 high-traffic locations, including grocery stores, retail shops, medical and dental offices, restaurants, recreation facilities and libraries.

This targeted distribution and quality editorial sets Oregon Family apart… It’s effective and families love it!

Our Team

Sandy Kauten, Publisher

[caption id="attachment_1816" align="alignnone" w caption="Owner/Publisher Sandy with her two boys"][/caption]

In 2000 Sandy, a single mom, moved to Eugene from Sacramento to attend Dental Hygiene School and found a copy of Oregon Family Calendar at a local retailer. Her entrepreneurial spirit got the best of her and before she knew it, she was a newspaper publisher! So much for hygiene school! Sandy renamed the publication Oregon Family Newspaper and focused her efforts on creating a more comprehensive resource for parents and families. With only six months at the helm, commercial circulation had doubled. Both growth and readership have been sustainable. Today the paper remains a source of pride for Sandy and her boys – her advertisers are “family” and she is devoted to creating a place that is a joy for both her readers and her many business supporters.

Jesse Springer, Art Director

Jesse is a self-employed graphic designer who lives in Eugene with his wife, two kids and three cats. When he’s not laying out the current issue (and helping advertisers create effective ads) for Oregon Family, he is drawing political cartoons about Oregon topics. To find out more, visit

Denise Vendley, Marketing & Advertising Strategist

Denise works with small businesses in creating cost effective strategies that may include marketing or advertising (yes, there is a difference) or both! Denise has been collaborating with Sandy and the gang at Oregon Family for over three years, helping their clients stay on track with a focused marketing plan. Denise can be reached at

Lady, Mascot & Morale Booster

Lady joined our team in 2004 and in those early days she literally sunk her teeth into the job (I swear, retriever puppies will eat absolutely ANYTHING!). She has motivated and brightened our office from day one and continues to be one of the magazine’s greatest assets. She volunteers her time here and at home, never complains and is very low maintenance – she even sheds “friendly”.