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Dragonfly Day

For ages 8+ and Adults Cost: $6 per person, or $18 for a family. Pre-Registration required at: Taught by Cary Kerst, local dragonfly expert and author of: Dragonflies and Damselflies of Oregon: A Field Guide (Buy it using the Amazon Smile link on this site and help support SCEC!!) Pre-registration required; limited to 18 participants Place: Singing Creek Educational Center, 92194 Purkerson Rd. Junction City, OR, GRANARY building Phone: 541 968-1986 Discover insects in Oregon whose ancestors were here before the dinosaurs, can live for 5 years, fly 35 mph, and truly eat “on the fly.” Learn about the life history, habitats, and behavior of these fascinating insects along with a photographic introduction to the Oregon species. Naturalist Cary Kerst, co-author of the beautiful “Dragonflies and Damselflies of Oregon: A Field Guide” will present an illustrated talk at Singing Creek Educational Center granary building, and then we will do some dip netting in our beautiful large pond, looking for aquatic insects. dragonfly expert cary kerst classes Dragonflies and Damselflies comprise the insect order Odonata, and are some of the most beautiful of insects, rivaling butterflies and moths for their amazing colors and behaviors. Dragonflies flying abilities rival anything in nature and continue to be studied by scientists and aeronautical engineers to learn how they accomplish their incredible feats of flight. Cary Kerst is an entomologist and nature photographer, with degrees from Purdue and OSU. He is retired from a career in environmental sciences, and has conducted professional aquatic insect studies on local rivers and streams and authored scientific articles on caddisflies, dragonflies, damselflies, and stoneflies.

Date & Time

May 21, 2016

1:00PM - 3:00PM

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Cost: $6 per person, or $18 for a family.

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