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Shirley Andress: "Fever: Remember Peggy Lee"

Peggy Lee’s most memorable tune, 1958’s “Fever”, epitomizes what many remember about the sultry singer of swing and blues: a weaver of moods and colors, Lee hypnotized audiences with her essence of “cool”. Her song delivery was such that people tended to hang on her every word. Called the “Queen of laid-back-minimalism”, with her less-is-more attitude, she could sing it all. The Benny Goodman Orchestra introduced the elegant, witty songstress during the height of an era when the American Songbook was the expression of the natural heart and soul. She was savvy to the classic phrasings of standard popular songs (“Why Don’t You Do Right?”) and was sagacious to more adventurous melodies that sometimes dangled on a rhythmic fringe (“Day In, Day Out”). She was also one of the first important female singer-songwriters before the term was coined. Her peers described her as a genius when experiencing her innate musical skills. Many of her hits were her own compositions. Her poetry painted stories and exposed her heart. Lee led a strange and enchanted life. She exuded incredible poise and confidence on the stage. Yet, personal tragedy seemed to be an essential part of the mix. However, She was no Billie Holiday to the public: she played it tough and victorious each time she stepped in front of an audience. “Cool only works if something hot is bubbling beneath”. Join Shirley Andress in remembering and celebrating one of the greatest singers of the 20th century – Miss Peggy Lee.

Date & Time

May 19, 2016

7:30PM - 9:30PM

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