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Siri Vik: "Do I Move You?, The Life and Music of Nina Simone"

Nina Simone delivered fierce honesty. She sang the rage of civil injustice, of struggle, of the human condition, and she sang whatever she pleased, whatever music she could believe. She had the power to hypnotize her audiences. She was often compared to Billie Holiday, but Simone herself thought opera singer Maria Callas was a more of a likeness, as she was “a diva like Callas more than anyone else.” It’s true that while her art, like Callas’, carries the spirit of wildness, it also contains the sacred and the transcendent. Her songs and her voice, to me, are territory of the soul. In the world, she was volatile, undiluted, untempered, dangerous in the way she demanded truth and justice in everything---- she was an idealist, and yes, something of a High Priestess.

Date & Time

April 15, 2016

7:30PM - 9:30PM

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