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International Vulture Awareness Day

The Way of the Vulture

Come meet resident Turkey Vultures and enjoy activities highlighting the special Way of the Vulture! Vultures may not fit everyone’s ideal of beauty – but beauty is as beauty does. And what vultures do is beautiful! Vultures fill a critically important role wherever they live: locating and eating carrion, thereby restricting the spread of many diseases. They can ingest and inactivate dangerous microbes such as anthrax without getting sick. There are many species of vultures in the world but only the Turkey Vulture is found in Oregon. Vultures face many threats throughout the world -accidental and intentional poisoning, habitat loss, power line collision and electrocution. In the US, the greatest threat facing the California Condor is lead poisoning.

Date & Time

September 5, 2015

12:00PM - 4:00PM

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Adults $8, Students/Seniors $7, Children $5

Kids & Family Eugene