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Dating in a New Age:

Meeting One Another at a Deeper Level

There are few longings as deep as the desire to find a loving partner with whom you feel comfort, chemistry and safety. Do you find yourself over 50 and back in the “dating game?” At this time in our world and in our lives, what is more important than opening our hearts and creating genuine connections with other people? Perhaps you were as shocked as I to find that online dating has become the primary vehicle through which people are connecting! Sitting at the computer sorting through endless profiles looking for someone with whom you feel compatible can take hours, and even if/when you do feel good about the emails, you still don’t know if there is any chemistry until you muster the courage to invest the time and energy to meet the stranger. Would you like to spend an evening with singles like yourself getting to know each other through structured experiences designed to help you discern who might be compatible with your interests, values and desires? This is an opportunity to get to know other singles in a creative environment without the pressure of speed dating or the investment of hours online. I have created the kind of event that I wish was out there—one that is designed to create a safe, non-judgmental environment in which we can be present with each other. This is a facilitated process designed to help us to gather information about each other and to gradually allow deeper sharing in a way that is comfortable. The format includes group exercises in which we get to know about each other indirectly, as well as one-on-one guided exercises and small groups deigned to allow you to engage with like-minded people in something that has meaning to you. Join me for an evening of exploration, fun, and connection. Who knows, you may just leave feeling excited about having connected with someone special! In the very least, you will leave having a new appreciation and experience of yourself.

Date & Time

October 13, 2013

6:30PM - 9:30PM

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Performing Arts & Dance Downtown Eugene