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Quarantine Haunted Maze

Annual Haunted Maze Event

No one knows how or where the virus began. All that is known is that one day, a mob of terrible, bloodthirsty zombies wandered out of the beautiful forest. Slowly, people from all walks of life began to show signs of infection. Local authorities did their very best to Quarantine those who seemed dangerous within the walls of the C.R.O.W. Center for the Performing Arts. But there was only one problem: They left the vials of antidote inside! Now, it’s up to you to see if you can make it through the maze of zombies and retrieve a vial of antidote so that you don’t follow the same fateful path. Can you make it out alive? C.R.O.W.’s 4th annual Scare-C.R.O.W. Haunted Maze, entitled “Quarantine” will be held October 26th, 27th, 30th, & 31st from 6-9 PM, with a less scary “Family Night” geared toward younger kids and big chickens to be held on Monday, October 29th from 5-8 PM. Suggested minimum age for the regular maze nights is 8+, and entry is always at parents’ discretion, and at your own risk. Admission for all nights is $6 per person, per entry. Tickets are sold at the door, and cash only is accepted.

For more information about the maze including a list of FAQ’s, please visit and click on the “Haunted Maze” tab. There will also be on-site food provided by Smokin’ Pops, and a few other surprises yet to be revealed. Rumor has it that C.R.O.W.’s Flight Dance Team may even make a spook-tacular appearance. Heard says, “If you feel the slightest tinge of zombie virus, better hurry over to C.R.O.W. so we can try to get you a vial of antidote. That is, if you can survive long enough to retrieve it!”