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Siri Vik: Femme Fatale

Siri Vik returns with a new project, which explores and contemplates a classic archetype: the independent, inscrutable, intensely attractive woman to whom men succumb, disastrously and often fatally. The character is stock throughout Western literature and music, nowhere more prominently than opera (Massenet's Manon, Strauss' Salome, Bizet's Carmen, Saint-Saëns' Delilah, Berg's Lulu, and on) but also in operetta, the American musical (Morgan le Fay, Lola, Sally Bowles, Vera Simpson…) and even contemporary popular song. Vik studies the type's many variations, from unmitigated evil or ruthless self-interest to careless whimsy, cold indifference and simple incapacity, in an evening of song in her usual Shedd special project cabaret setting.

Date & Time

April 30, 2017

3:00PM - 5:30PM

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$34, $28, $24, $20, $16

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