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Are You Hovering Too Close?

A few suggestions that you might be a "Helicopter Parent"

Children grinding teeth? Don’t worry!

It's one of the worst sounds in the world... grinding teeth. But, it's not always a problem....

The 4 Love Actions

Attention, Acceptance, Appreciation & Affection

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Supporting Kids Though the Ups and Downs of Friendship


My resolution is not so ambitious. I’ll explain it:

Helping Kids Safely Navigate Social Media

Think before your post.

Online Sharing: Are You Hurting Your Family

When it comes to sharing about our significant other and children, the line of decency can often feel blurry.

Cell Phone for Christmas??

There is a time when every kid eventually will have a cell phone...

The Inspired Child

…10 Practices For Mindful Kids & Parents

Contaminants in Baby Food - Is Nothing Sacred?

Inaugural ‘CLP Magnified List’ helps consumers choose baby food based on which contains purest ingredients.
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