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Give the Kids a 1970’s Summer

Nothing beat the fun like RETRO fun! Here's some ideas to bring back the 70's this summer...

Local 4th of July Fun!

The fourth of July is an American tradition where families kick back and enjoy some summer fun. Are you still trying to figure out how to celebrate with your family this Fourth of July? You’re in luck because we have come up with some fun ideas!

Local Summer Fun!

Local events can be a fun way for your family to enjoy the summer. That's why we saw so many families having fun at the Eugene Pro Rodeo yesterday.

Fresh Starts

....Helping Kids Embrace New Things.

11 Things Every Child Should Do This Summer

What to do if your child is singing the summertime boredom blues...

Summer Camps are Here!!

.... Here's an age-by-age guide to benefits and choices of summer camps.

Helping Kids Face Their Fears

Everyone gets scared... but it takes certain skills to learn how to face fear head on.

Is Your Child Ready to Stay Home Alone?

Staying home alone (as a child) is a big milestone... is your kid ready?

Don’t Compare

It's natural to compare your kids to siblings (and other kids)... here's why we shouldn't.

Drama Rules at Summer Camp

This month's Humor install of Dad's Eye View....
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