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Guest Response: Raising Girls

In response to the <a href="" target="_blank">“Raising Girls”</a> Article in Oregon Family Newspaper, as a counselor, professor, woman, wife, and mother of a young girl, I just wanted to add some thoughts on the topic of Raising Girls in Today’s Society.  Our hope is that we raise our girls to have confidence and positive self esteem.  Almost everyone has either a female friend, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a niece, a grandmother, or a wife, so this issue really does affect everyone in the immediate/extended family and larger culture.

Trouble in Paradise

Back when our kids were little, after dinner we’d load them into a red wagon and stroll downtown along a riverside path, and buy ice-cream cones. I wouldn’t mind if my kids grew up thinking that all life is as idyllic as this, but sometimes seamy stuff intrudes and must be dealt with.

Finding the Fun with Your Kids in Social Networks

They’re called “digital natives” - the teens, tweens (and younger) who were born into a world rich with technology. Their formative years have included surfing the web, playing video games with friends halfway around the world, navigating smart phones and tablets and being able to connect instantly to any information with a few keystrokes.

Raising Girls in Today's World

By Kim Green-Spangler

Minding Mobile Manners

Kids ages 8 to 12 are spending as much as two to three hours each day on mobile devices such as laptops, netbooks, tablets or smartphones, according to a recent survey by Intel. That translates into a significant amount of time that parents can use to take advantage of teachable moments to reinforce good etiquette and safety.

Sweet Summer Delights

Making homemade ice cream for friends and family is a sweet way to celebrate summer — and it’s easier than you might think.

Why Kids Lie – Age by Age

"Daddy puts on your bras sometimes," my then 4-year-old said nonchalantly as I tried on lingerie in a department store dressing room.

Literary Duck Summer Fun with Klutz

School is out and the kids need something to do! <a href="" target="_blank">Literary Duck</a> shares their recommendation for fun with Klutz.

Plan to Be Spontaneous This Summer

For many families, summer is the time to hit the open road and see the country. However, there is a lot of pressure for parents to take their children everywhere, see everything and keep a tight schedule, according to “Family Adventure Mom,” Deborah Geigis Berry.

The Luckiest Kids In History - Dad's Humor

“Is it any good?” she asked.
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