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How to Stop Diseases Before They Start

Important Kids’ Health Topic for Parents....

Parents in the Dark

What parents don’t know about drugs and their children could be devastating... Here's research from New Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Looking for Spring Break Camps?

Great Spring Break and Summer Camps are here, in Lane County's #1 Camp Directory!

The TV Set in the Attic

March "Dad's Eye View" on Life and Parenting - laugh out loud funny!

Team Family: Working Together When You Live Apart

Ideas to smooth the bumps created for kids living in multiple homes...

Dad's Eye View

Humorous insight into a Dad's life and times while raising three wonderful girls.

How to Pick the Right College

Picking a college is not easy... Here's some ideas to help you through the process

Breathe Easy: A Family’s Guide to Pneumonia

Flu season is here - take precautions and protect your family from this potentially deadly illness.

Inspired, Expressive and Smart

Your Guide to kids technology gifts for this year's holiday shopping season.

One Part New Normal And Two Parts Blended Family

This recipe does not have to make for a nutty holiday fruit cake!
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