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Homework Strategies for Every Age

Routines are one of the biggest indicators of how homework affects grades...

Attack of the Vampire Children

A humor filled looked at a Dad's life raising three girls - who, in this case, all need money!

Risk and Danger in the Great Outdoors

We all want our kids to stay safe and avoid real danger when they adventure outside, but what about taking risks?

Learning to Play & Playing to Learn

Playing isn't just all "fun and games"... It's also linked to cognitive, intellectual, emotional, and social development!

This School Year, Raise Grades with Online Learning Tools

Text books are great - but sometimes a little extra help from online sources go the extra mile!

Dad’s Freshman-Year Phobia

As we head into another school year - some are headed off to college... and there a lot that goes with that.

Crash Course: Returning to a School-Year Sleep Routine

The long and lazy days of summer will soon be coming to an end. Preparing young (and older) kids for their school-year schedule starts NOW.

Working from Home (Successfully)

A home office is often a huge blessing - but it's also sometimes a curse...

Broken? Diagnosing Summertime Breaks and Bumps

A local physician offers his perspective on x-rays and scans for kids

Teenagers On The Job

A Dad's Eye humorous look at teenage employment...
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