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Make Tech Gifts Meaningful

This holiday season don’t just go high-tech with your gifts, go highly-personalized too.

Here’s Our Holiday Letter!

(Don’t You Wish You Were Us?) - This month's Dad Eye Humor Column

From Fun & Fit to Awesome Tech

Oregon Family's 2015 Gift Guide - Awesome gift ideas for the kids in your family!

Make Christmas Merry for Underpriviledged kids

The Giving Trees are at Valley River Center through Dec 6th

Rapunzel, Rapunzel... Give It A Rest!

I think all kids, no matter how “hot,” should spend time in their rooms, gazing out the window, reading books and wondering what life is about.

Sally and the Plumed Legion

This month's Dad's Eye humor column... Marching band, or does 5-foot-1 Sally maybe have a bit of a Napoleon complex?

Say What? Your Teens Hearing Might Be At Risk

How ear buds, iPads and other environmental factors are a risk to teen hearing.

Teens Sleeping with Cell Phones

…a clear and present danger.

Ease the Pain

Practical Steps for a Smooth Back-to-School Transition

Sally’s Guide to Picking a College

A humor look at the process of choosing a college, from Oregon Family's own Dad.
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