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String Theory!

Learning to play a violin, viola, cello or bass can bring a wealth of benefits to your child – benefits that can last a lifetime.

Safety Is the Name of the Game

Every year, millions of young athletes end up in the hospital. What parents and kids can do to prevent sports injuries…

Soak it Up!

Heat exhaustion can sneak up on you if you're not prepared. Know the signs and keep your family safe this summer...

3 Surprising Ways Pets Benefit Kids

Have a family pet is not just about a play mate or someone to love on.... there's plenty of learning opportunities for our kids there too.

Summertime Alcohol and Drug Risks

Summertime is a time of relaxation, friendships, fun, and celebration... with that comes an increase in dangers from underage alcohol and drug use. Be aware... Be safe.

The 411 on Braces

Sometimes it's hard to sort through all the facts a details related to braces... this article helps uncover some of the mystery.

The Buzz in your Little Bee

Although small amounts of caffeine may not affect most kids negatively, caffeine-containing beverages are “edging out” more nutritious beverages from their meal plan.

Oregon Family Summer Camp Directory

June is the month for Summer Camps!! But, the fun doesn't stop here...

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse with Kids

Never use Styrofoam! It takes 500 years to breakdown in a landfill.

Positive Parenting

Parenting is hard work and parenting well is a very important job.
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