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Cell Phone for Christmas??

There is a time when every kid eventually will have a cell phone...

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

STEM, Subscription Gift Boxes, Games, ... There's something for everyone in this year's BIGGER than ever Gift Guide.

The Inspired Child

…10 Practices For Mindful Kids & Parents

Contaminants in Baby Food - Is Nothing Sacred?

Inaugural ‘CLP Magnified List’ helps consumers choose baby food based on which contains purest ingredients.

Back Pain in Children

... while backpacks are a common cause of back pain in kids, there's more to it.

Mind Game: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD has a negative impact on the whole family, which often falls apart from the stress caused by the disorder

What Politics Can Teach Our Kids

Helping kids understand and navigate politics is good practice and early learning.

How Birth Order Affects Parenting

...Breaking down how birth order affects personality and parenting styles for each child... cause not all babies are created equal.

Confidence has a New Look

…helping kids dress well and feel great builds confidence

Preparing for Kindergarten

For some kiddos, their first days of school are just around the corner. Here's some help navigating these big milestone.
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