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Read some articles from back issues of the print edition and supplemental content.

Fending Off the Bad Friends

I pressed a button on the answering machine, and an imperious voice demanded:  “Sally, this is Amanda. Call me right away. It’s important.” Hoping to delete the child, I pressed another button. But the machine lacked the power for the job.

Letting Go

‘Letting go’ is a powerful concept, but can sometimes be mistaken for acceptance, weakness, or a loss of control.  Everyone has baggage – even children.  It’s impossible to travel through the phases of life without developing some kind of emotional and/or physical hang-up.  However, it’s how you tend to live your life on a daily basis that will dictate the role the baggage plays, and ultimately the level of happiness attained.

About Oregon Family

Serving Eugene, Springfield, and the greater Lane County area since 1994, Oregon Family Newspaper provides family-focused editorial relevant to both parents and children.

Zesty Southwest Burger with Cilantro Slaw

<strong>Preparation</strong> :

Kids and Caffeine

<em>Should children consume caffeine? Do you know what products contain caffeine? How much, if any, is an acceptable amount of caffeine for children to ingest? Do you know the answers?</em>

Nanny Connection: Making it Through the Holidays

<strong>The Holidays are coming, and I have little time, energy, or money.  My kids want too much ‘stuff’, and this year everyone is sick. How can I make this an enjoyable season for my family?</strong>

Dear Santa, About That Pony

When our daughter Sally was 4, she spent an afternoon playing at a new friend’s house, and when my wife Betsy went to pick her up, the mom asked, “Do you live on a farm?”

Kids and Caffeine

Should children consume caffeine?  Do you know what products contain caffeine?  How much, if any, is an acceptable amount of caffeine for children to ingest?  Do you know the answers?

Green Bean Casserole


Pumpkin Caramel Rolls

<strong>Makes 24 rolls</strong>
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