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Read some articles from back issues of the print edition and supplemental content.

EarthTalk®: Whales are Still Threatened

<em>Dear EarthTalk: What is the current status of whales? How effective is the International Whaling Commission and which countries are involved in illegal whaling? -- Jonathan Wingate, Yulee, FL</em>

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Recipe: Almond-Butter Buckeyes

Even though Ohio State Buckeyes beat the Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl, we still think that this recipe sounds pretty scrumptious.

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<a href=""><strong>Simply Green</strong></a> - Thoughtful, concise answers to environmental questions, “green” product information, and tips on how to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Education Resource Guide

You can find info about Preschools, Private Schools, Public Schools and local Educational Resources in our bi-annual Education Resource Guide.  Download the <a href="">January 2011 Edition</a> or the <a title="August 2011 Ed Guide" href="" target="_blank">August 2011 Edition</a> to look over this valuable resource.  Listed below are names &amp; web addresses of past and present guide participants.

Eat Right and Eco-Size in the New Year

Oh the holiday gluttony! We sampled sugar cookies, drank gallons of eggnog, and enjoyed all kinds of edible treats over the course of the last month.  Now our pants feel tight and we long to work off the holiday girth. Does our quest for fitness have to be littered with plastic bottles and energy bar wrappers? Is it possible to lose weight while saving money <em>and</em> the planet?  Absolutely!
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