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Choosing the Right Day Camp

There are soooo many camps, all great options... how do you know which is right for YOUR kid?

11 Things Every Child Should Do This Summer

What to do if your child is singing the summertime boredom blues...

Summertime Alcohol and Drug Risks

Summertime is a time of relaxation, friendships, fun, and celebration... with that comes an increase in dangers from underage alcohol and drug use. Be aware... Be safe.

Summer Time, Oh Summer Time

I don't know?...  I guess it's a love-hate relationship I have with summer time.   I mean, what's not to love? - - Great weather.... BBQ's... no schedules... no homework hassles... family vacations.  In theory, it's a wonderful time of year, right?!  It's what we look forward to all year long (during school).