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Teenagers On The Job

A Dad's Eye humorous look at teenage employment...

Explain Babies, but Downplay Dad

The Birds and the Bees... but leave Daddy out please....

The TV Set in the Attic

March "Dad's Eye View" on Life and Parenting - laugh out loud funny!

The Luckiest Kids In History - Dad's Humor

“Is it any good?” she asked.

Phobic 4-Year-Old is Differently Couraged

When my daughter Sally was 4, she didn’t need the ghosts and goblins of Halloween to wreck her composure. She was wary of cats, frightened of dogs, and terrified of thunder. The heavy artillery of a fireworks display, even viewed from far away, would cause her to cower and weep. And at night she wouldn’t go to bed until her mom or I had given her room a spritz of “bad-dream spray.” This was a bit of hoodoo invented by my wife and any aerosol product gave Sally the reassurance she needed.


I was walking down the school corridor, and all the other kids turned to stare. “Hey Ricky,” said Pam Wintermute, a fellow fifth-grader with whom I was in love, “How come you’re wearing your P.J.s?” I looked down and, horrified, had no answer for her. I fled toward the classroom, wondering, “How’d I forget to get dressed? Why didn’t Mom say anything?” I had no idea what to do except sit red-faced at my desk and pretend nothing was wrong.


FIREWORKS! The sign on the rooftop was about the same size as the building. My grip on the steering wheel tightened and my pulse quickened. A much-smaller sign said: Fresh Roasted Peanuts.