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Nanny Connection: Mom's Dating Again!

<strong>Dear Nanny:  I can’t believe I am writing this, but I think I am ready to start dating!  Several kids and a lot of years later, what do I need to know?</strong>

Nanny Connection: Child Safety

We all have a personal space (“bubble”) around us. This bubble helps keep us safe. It lets us decide how close someone can get to us, and they, how close we can get to them. We change the size of our bubble depending on how we feel (happy, sad, mad, scared, etc.) and our relationships with other people. Our bubble is usually smaller with people we know and trust, like our family and friends, and larger with people we don’t know, like strangers. Our bubble usually changes from large to small as we get to know someone (a new friend, classmates, teacher, doctor, counselor, case worker, etc.).

Nanny Connection: Making it Through the Holidays

<strong>The Holidays are coming, and I have little time, energy, or money.  My kids want too much ‘stuff’, and this year everyone is sick. How can I make this an enjoyable season for my family?</strong>

Nanny Connection: Beating Homework Dread

<em>I am dreading the start of school because it means non-stop arguments with my son to do his homework. I am desperate and will do whatever you say to stop the power struggles.</em>

Nanny Connection: Have a Safe Summer

<em>I am deathly afraid of the water and never learned to swim. I don’t want my kids to grow up the same way but I am also terrified for them to be near water. Please help!</em>

Nanny Connection: Using Time Outs

<em>I know you have written about time-outs, but I feel confused! I hear so many different ways to do time-outs… What is the right way?</em>