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Letting Go

‘Letting go’ is a powerful concept, but can sometimes be mistaken for acceptance, weakness, or a loss of control.  Everyone has baggage – even children.  It’s impossible to travel through the phases of life without developing some kind of emotional and/or physical hang-up.  However, it’s how you tend to live your life on a daily basis that will dictate the role the baggage plays, and ultimately the level of happiness attained.

Kids and Caffeine

Should children consume caffeine?  Do you know what products contain caffeine?  How much, if any, is an acceptable amount of caffeine for children to ingest?  Do you know the answers?

Toughing Out a Tough Economy

Times are tight, so this is the ideal time to perfect the art of budgeting.  It really isn’t the dirty word everyone thinks it is and can be implemented almost painlessly.  All it requires is a bit of advance planning and determination.  (For those of you short on determination, one successful trip will help that determination grow by leaps and bounds – I guarantee it!)

Learning Style: A Mirror into a Child’s Natural Soul

Does it seem as though your child is constantly moving?  Does she prefer things explained to her, rather than reading it herself? Does your son read everything he can get his hands on, yet fumble with verbal instructions?  The reason this occurs is because each child has a preference for the way they decipher, retain and disperse information.  The manner in which information is learned, material is comprehended and concepts are processed is called a “learning style.”   How often have adults wondered what makes a child tick?  Identifying one’s learning styles and understanding how best to utilize it, is like a shortcut to deciphering the code – at least from the learning aspect.

Early Childhood Stress – Helping Kids Cope

Stress is a part of everyday life, one of the things that most adults are accustomed to dealing with, but the same “stressed out” adults are typically surprised to learn just how common stress is for those in early childhood.  The difference is that life experience has taught adults coping mechanisms, or has at least provided the tools and resources to seek out assistance when faced with stressors.  However children are at a great disadvantage.  They often do not understand the cause of the stress, typically cannot communicate their feelings and/or frustrations, and are at a lost for how to combat it.  Thus, it’s up to the adults to learn how to identify sources, recognize the symptoms and become proactive in minimizing children’s exposure to undue stressors.

Taking Back Your Time – Moms, Reclaim Your Summer!

I bet you think it’s impossible for busy moms to enjoy their summer while accomplishing all they have to do each day, right?  Well, I beg to differ.  Moms can do anything we put our minds to, but it will require some scheduling, planning, and maybe even a bit of creative blackmailing to make this goal a reality, but it’s completely doable.