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Feng Shui and the Teenager

This month's look at Dad's Humor...

Baby's First Brush with the Law

It all started three years ago when Rebecca, Simona and our Wendy wrote a letter to the people of the future and put it into a “time capsule”


of Books and Movies....

Explain Babies, but Downplay Dad

The Birds and the Bees... but leave Daddy out please....

Mugged in My Own Bed

A humorous look at parenting... and those "misplaced" items.

The TV Set in the Attic

March "Dad's Eye View" on Life and Parenting - laugh out loud funny!

Dad's Eye View

Humorous insight into a Dad's life and times while raising three wonderful girls.

Next Thanksgiving, Lets Just Have Turkey

If getting through the holidays isn't enough, try adding a little extra "surprise" to the mix...

The Newspaper Route; In Business With Sally

A humorous look at the days of a newspaper route with a teenager

School Will Be Interesting

School will be back in session soon.. and schedules will be crazy!