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Pets and Social Media

From dogs and cats filling up social media feeds ā€“ some even with their own profiles ā€“ to true pet celebrities who command the attention of millions, animals have become a major part of the digital landscape.

Feel Good About Clearing Clutter

Whether spring or summer, extended breaks from the day-to-day routines are great for making new family memories.

Outdoor Kitchens Add Fun, Function

If your backyard beckons when temperatures climb, an outdoor kitchen may be the perfect answer for your next construction or remodeling project.

7 Ways to Enjoy Farmers Market Produce this Spring

Grab your grocery totes and head out the door, farmers markets across the country are reopening for the season.

Dispelling Myths About Natural Stone

Natural stone is one of the most beautiful materials available for residential and commercial design. Each piece is unique and can fit effortlessly into a variety of decors, making it a top choice for consumers and designers.

Gardening with an Enchanted Twist

While the stress-relieving capabilities and health benefits of gardening are well known, a twist on this timeless hobby offers a way to add charm and a whimsical feel to your home and garden.

Get the Dirt on Deep Cleaning

A deep clean is a surefire way to freshen up your home. In order to create a cleaner, healthier household environment, you need to be sure you're using the right methods and tools to get the job done.

SWAP Meat to Transform Traditional Meals

Now more than ever, food choices matter. People want healthy, environmentally friendly foods without sacrificing flavor.

Simple Swaps for Flavorful Eating

Now that flowers are blooming and temperatures are rising, many are looking to enjoy lighter, flavorful dishes and fresh seasonal produce.

3 Ways to Begin Settling a Loved Oneā€™s Affairs

Following the loss of a parent, the list of to-dos can feel overwhelming. Not only are you adjusting to life without a loved one, you may be facing a seemingly insurmountable list of tasks.