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A Closer Look at Vision Health

As the number of Americans with visual impairment is expected to double by 2050, vision health has an obvious role in the national health conversation.

3 Activities for Food and Fun in Cooler Weather

When the weather cools down, parents begin to look for indoor activities to keep their kids busy and entertained.

Medicare Takes Aim at Medical Identity Theft

Criminals are increasingly targeting people age 65 or older for personal identity theft. In 2014 alone, there were 2.6 million such incidents among seniors, according to the Department of Justice.

The Connection Between Joy and Travel

Many facets of travel – the anticipation, the experience and even the return trip – can enhance your mood.

Get Talking

October is National Family History Month, and the perfect opportunity for families to gather, share memories and celebrate the lives of past, present and future generations.

A Crash Course in Cyber Security

From personal computers, laptops and smartphones to IoT gadgets, tech devices can make life easier and more convenient for college students when completing assignments, communicating with peers and professors, surfing the web and more.

Add Family Fun to Chores

When school is in session and just getting out the door is an accomplishment, having go-to routines can help make ordinary activities more exciting for the entire family.

5 Benefits of Personalized Dog Food

From playtime to mealtime, you never settle for “good enough,” and your dog’s health is no different.

Build a Business Your Way

Creating a business from the ground up is no small endeavor.

7 Steps to Better Security Online

Virtually no one would park a car in a busy area, leave the keys in the ignition, roll the windows down and walk away.