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Assertiveness Training – Build Confidence, Self Esteem, and Success!

by Kim Green-Spangler

Dad's Eye View - In the Wilds With Daddy

When my daughter Sally turned 8, I bought her a new wooden canoe paddle and burned her name into the blade. With the gift came a promise: In July she and I would take a three-day canoe trip on the river that flows past our house. We hung the paddle over her bed.

Summer and Siblings

Ahhh… summertime. Ninety-nine blissful days. Lemonade, barbeques, and… major stress?

Dad Was Funny About Money

“Daddy, why did the lady give you money?” asked my daughter Marie back when she was 5. We had just crossed a toll bridge and Marie was trying to make sense of the transaction at the booth.

Growing Up Digital

<strong><em>Helping Your Teen Navigate Social Networks &amp; Mobile Phones</em></strong>

Family Travel Unplugged

Here are some tips for getting unplugged on vacation, and some trip ideas that will keep you and your family engaged with each other and the world around you.

Simply Green: Tips for Going Green with Baby

It’s spring! As Earth Day approaches, the bulbs are bursting, the trees are budding, and many families are preparing to welcome their newest addition. We all want the best for our new babes, but the high cost of buying solely organic products can seem downright prohibitive to families on a budget—especially in this economy. Is there an eco-friendly, budget-friendly solution? Yes!

Dad's Eye View: 5 Tips on Telling Bedtime Stories

“Tell me a story about The Green Man Goes Trick-or-Treating.” When my daughter Sally was 3, that’s what she’d demand every night at bedtime for about a year. The Green Man is a weathered bronze statue of a soldier that stands on a big rock about two blocks from our house. I’d tell Sally bedtime stories in which the statue comes to life and has adventures with her.

Economics 101 - What Every Child Should Learn

Supplying children with a more solid understanding of finances in this current economic world should not only help them understand the concept, but may even make the lives of parents a little easier. Parents know money really does not grow on trees, magically appear, or is available in never-ending supply (at least not for the majority of the population), but children have no clue. Some of the best lessons are learned through first-hand experiences. Helping children understand the basics while applying the principles, could go a long way towards keeping them financially healthy in the future.

EarthTalk® - Electronic waste

Electronic waste, or “e-waste” as it’s called, is a growing problem in the United States and abroad, as obsolete or broken computers and other electronic equipment are taking up increasingly precious amounts of landfill space and potentially leaking hazardous substances into surrounding ecosystems.