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Looking for Spring Break Camps?

Great Spring Break and Summer Camps are here, in Lane County's #1 Camp Directory!

The TV Set in the Attic

March "Dad's Eye View" on Life and Parenting - laugh out loud funny!

EarthTalk® Wind Power's Bright Future

What is the latest prognosis for wind energy?

Conditioned for Health

Former three-sport collegiate athlete and professional football player, Jordan Kent, offers advise for athletic success!

Team Family: Working Together When You Live Apart

Ideas to smooth the bumps created for kids living in multiple homes...

Dad's Eye View

Humorous insight into a Dad's life and times while raising three wonderful girls.

Antibiotic Overuse Could Lead to Public Health Crisis

It's no longer just about prescriptions - it's also what we eat causing health concerns.

Valuable Travel Deals and Steals

Maximize your 2014 travel experiences with these helpful tips!

How to Pick the Right College

Picking a college is not easy... Here's some ideas to help you through the process

One Part New Normal And Two Parts Blended Family

This recipe does not have to make for a nutty holiday fruit cake!

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